Juggalos on OKCupid Because Juggalos need like too
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Juggalos on OKCupid Because Juggalos need like too

My personal self-summary:

We never know what you should placed here but here it is. First and foremost i’m a mother to a lovely two-year-old little boy. After that I’m a geek, a gamer of all of the, a music partner, and a juggalette. Whatever else you want to know query.

The six points i really could never do without:

My daughter Audio grass My mom smokes hill dew

You should message me personally if:

Your a juggalo or to the belowground tunes world

Or you don’t care about exactly what I’m into whilst still being wanna chat.

My self-summary:

Watching wats available?;) plus generating brand new buddies! Cant hold off to celebration with u!;)

Preferred guides, videos, concerts, audio, and dishes:

Stephen king! IM A REDNECK JUGGALO. And country man. Really love comedy and horror flicks

The six issues i possibly could never create without:

Company,family,budlight,bonfires celebration,backroads,money,my dog,

I fork out a lot period considering:

If there a rite woman! On the market 4 me personally! And my family! And pals!

Tree 420 could be the only thing we smoke, homie. I’m smoking cigarettes forest 420 24/7.

My personal self-summary:

Umm…yeah….hi. I Am Kira. I Am 26. I have two daughters if you do not like young ones after that BACK THE EFF away AND EFF your MAMA EFFER. Performed I point out I am actually truly lame. I prefer it this way though….Im a massive nerd. I shall add more to the once I obtain the chance…to be continued…..lol…oh yeah and people posses informed me Im kinda emo in certain cases lol…not certain whether thats a decent outcome or a bad thing but hey…whatever.

Im natural, strange, and crazy.

Exactly what I’m starting with my lives:


I am also looking for the LIGHT BUS…..I want to eat the windowpanes. Thanks Kurt lol….he can be my personal brief bus http://datingmentor.org/escort/colorado-springs/ co-driver.

I’m planning to starting college again…online at DeVry….going for my colleagues in online visual design…..its going to be RAD and Im uber excited about it.

The six circumstances I could never perform without:

1. My kick butt girl. 2. My personal canine Cooper… 3. Audio 4. Freedom of message and liberty of term and creativeness… 5. mmm sweet beverage or red-colored bull….its a hard choice. 6. MYSPACE.

My personal self-summary:

I’m put bac like encounter new-people and seeking that unique someone. Msg me personally when you need to know more n I smoke cigarettes forest 420

The six situations I could never carry out without:

Fam buddies tree 420 musical indicators n spraypaint

My personal self-summary:

Better really not close on this subject parts but. I’m a mommy of a 8 year old girl i prefer a lot of different kinds of songs but mostly psychopathic MCL want to relax at seashore very long boreding play pool as well as on and on. Really Loving and nurturing people. Doing take to everything newer and also for the more part a happy people. I additionally like tatoos and piercings

Just what I’m starting using my existence:

Maken that money. Lol

1st factors folk usually observe about me:

My self-summary:

I’m a great cool man I enjoy generate ppl make fun of and i am usually myself personally and i like to hanging out with parents the people I really like Um I enjoy play cool video games and enjoy pay attention to underground tunes cuz im a Juggalo I am also a stoner

I’m excellent at:

Murder rap and gender being myself and achieving enjoyable

You will want to message myself if:

You want just what im when it comes to whenever your own ur home

My self-summary:

We don’t assess a manuscript by their address. I’m actually nice and caring. I’m fun become in, I am able to become noisy but yeah… I’m really outgoing and spontaneous. When I have a child my personal spontaneity is sort of restricted. We have 14 piercings, and 2 tattoos. My personal piercings contain: Tongue, nostrils, brow double, Appropriate ear five times, kept ear 3, and business to my left ear canal checking as 2. when i has my girl list back at my left arm, and a hatchetman back at my best breasts. I love to traveling, couldn’t label just how many places I’ve experienced the past few years. I’m maybe not interested in someone to care for me personally financially, I’m looking someone to literally and emotionally. I’ve some an attitude and a touch of a childish side in my opinion, but It’s my opinion that’s what makes me just who We am… I’m able to feel serious but life is too short to need significant 24/7/365.

By far the most private thing I’m ready to confess:

I miscarried a child whenever I was 18. I then proceeded to beat the girls head into the concrete that my ex-fiance have cheated on me with, who stressed me aside, therefore generating me miscarry. Wow…

And I’m dating a female. Lol

My self-summary:

Im a down-to-earth chap I will be a juggalo and can forever getting one I’m hoping that does not replace your outside look on myself Im 23 and seeking for anyone who can appreciate myself I’m sick of getting jerked in if you wish knowing a lot more feel free to message

The first circumstances everyone normally observe about me personally:

My personal bright laugh or my twisted love of life lol

You ought to message me personally if:

Your not a lier cheater or 3rd if you do not wanna take my personal cardiovascular system

My personal self-summary:

21 many years young. Im home passionate, imma cancer tumors & i definatly behave like one;)

I’m really good at:

Every little thing.. besides cooking lol rollin top damn dull youll actually ever smoking 😉

We fork out a lot of time contemplating:

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