Another black fungus case detected in Ctg
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সেপ্টেম্বর ৪, ২০২১, ১১:৩৯ অপরাহ্ণ

Another patient infected with mycorrhiza or black fungus has been identified in Chittagong. However, he was not infected with the coronavirus.
Chattogram Medical College (CMC) Medicine department head Suyat Pal confirmed the news on Saturday.

He said the newly identified patient was a woman (35). She was admitted to the hospital three days back with various physical complications. But she was not infected with Corona. However, she had diabetes and now undergoing treatment at Ward No. 13 of the Department of Medicine.

So far, three patients with black fungus have been identified in Chattogram, including the newly identified woman. The person who first infected with the black fungus has recovered and returned home.

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